Friday, 8 June 2012

Behind the Scenes: Our Models and Their Pets...

We've been organising a casting for some of our models and their equally gorgeous pets and we just couldn't keep this cute bunch to ourselves!

Prepare yourselves for lots of AHHHHHing...

Model Aaron Moloney's Dog - Jenson

Alice Christian's little bundle of fluff Ralph!

The gorgeous Charlie taking Model Amelia Armstrong for a spin! 

Kelly Rowden's Chihuahua Bella

Georgia Horsley's boys - Bruce the Beagle and Ralphie the Bulldog x Labrador

Charlotte Devaney taking a break from the decks to pose with her little guys! A Daschund and a Mini Doberman Pincher x Dashund

Funda and her chihuahua Coco both doing what they do best - posing for the camera :)

Oli Collins and his little rescue pup Hudson

A very talented Jackson with his owner, model, Rebecca Walsh

Jamie Meek's best mate Jack - who likes long walks, getting wet and bank holidays!

The gorgeous Alfie a Pomeranian x Jack Russel owned by the equally gorgeous Louise D

Natasha Yexley's beautiful Bosko - he's a Rhodesian Ridgeback 

New model Sadie showing us her long hair chihuahua!

The well dressed chihuahua is owned by Sammi M - Princess by name, Princess by nature!

Harrison looking great with his new haircut - thanks to owner Sophia C!

Debra-Jane's minuature Daschund, Woody

This is Henry - a Pug x Beagle or Puggle! Owned by Sam Vickers Shore

And last but by no means least - Mellissa Laycy's lovely chihuahua

David's Labrador Bella - showing off her Princess look, playful look and posing look!

We really couldn't choose but who's your favourite?

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